Flex-Source is an oasis of opportunity in today’s difficult job hunting market. We are not a recruiter or a head-hunting agency. In our Contract Service, you are employed directly by us, with our training, benefits, and supervision. We will assign you to jobs at locations with hours of work that assist our clients with your valuable skills.

Employee Services

Our employee, their worker.


In our Employee Services, we contract with businesses to people-up their workplace with the skilled workers they need.


When you contact us for job placement, we find out what skills and experience you have. Then, when one of our business clients has an immediate need for an employee with your skills, Flex-Source recommends you as a candidate for employment by that business client.

Staff Leasing (PEO) Services

Flex-Source offers a wide range of opportunities for potential employees; from administrative work to heavy equipment operations.


Light Industrial / Manufacturing

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Service Personnel

Specialized Craft Skills Support

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Operations

What do you bring to the table?

Register with us today! Once we know your skills and experience, we can begin to match you up with our needs, or the needs of one of our business clients.

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